Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Catholic Girls Guide To Selling Tickets

The Catholic Girl's Guide to Losing Your Virginity is worth the hype.
The house was totally packed when I was finally able to see it after
being turned back opening night because it was sold out I saw it the
following night and I'm just about positive it sold out then too. I
think Catholics will find it a much more enjoyable experience because
at certain parts only selected audience members would laugh, the same
ones each time. I can only assume that it was an "inside Catholic
joke" that I simply didn't pick up on. The other entertaining part is
that the cast is just two people. The main character (girl attempting
to lose virginity) and everybody else in her life from priests and
nuns to all of her potential virginity stealers were played by one
guy. His costume changes and subtle yet creative adjustments were an
entertaining force in their own right.


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