Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 10- Bar Series

I’m proud of myself- I’ve just now had my first Red Bull of the Fringe. This is something of a miracle, as I have been Bar Series-ing every night (Ma, I swear this is my job!)

So, tonight we’re at Cooper’s, where there will be a band, and I honestly forget its name. There’s a $2 cover, so please wear your buttons and/or artist passes to get in gratis- and treat Jason Cooper and his staff very well (I know you always do). We’ll probably take over the patio, weather permitting, and talk and drink and generally be artists.

Saturday we’re back at Mr. Pitiful’s with music by DJ Pillo. I want to see every artist who is still in town, ok? We’re gonna blow it out, Fringe-style. I mean, we can make this party bigger than last Saturday’s, right? For those who missed it, we were near capacity the entire night, and I had to relinquish my party hostess mode to jump behind the bar and serve the thirsty masses. It was wonderful (Yes, Ma, I really do work there, too)! I’m still angling to get an impromptu open mic going Saturday, so bring something to read or sing, and I might buy you a drink.

I’ve got so much to tell you, to share, but right now you’re tired of reading, and I need to get back to work- saving little black children from killing themselves (Ma, I swear, this is my day job!)

If you’d heard the phone calls from my mom this week, you’d understand.

The Lady Ms. Events Director


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