Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day 6 Bar Series- Messerly & Ewing Reunion

Some gaped in wonder...how'd she get them back together?

I just asked.

Messerly & Ewing played together, as a duet, for the first time in a long time last night, tucked into a cosy corner upstairs at Milton's, birthplace of the Cincinnati Fringe. The night was largely family, which befits- it was a quieter night to regroup and take a deep breath before we plunge into Tuesday, which explodes in a flurry of performances (I think Gina says we have 85 of the 135-odd shows left to do)...so there's plenty of time to catch up if you've been tardy with the party. Just wear running shoes. You'll need them.

But I was talking about the M&E reunion.

Kevin made spicy queso, and it went well with the folky, rocky, down home music. And the beer. Sean Rhiney of Midpoint Music Festival fame sat next to me, and we talked about Main St., it's current ebb, it's probable rebirth, again. The Cincinnati Advance guys and I had already deconstructed much of the argument earlier in the evening. Midpoint and Fringe have both relied on having an entertainment district, and several recent bar closings have some of us concerned.

And then the music...M&E are friends, and I was there the day they announced they were taking an extended hiatus. So imagine how glad I was when Brian said to me casually a few months ago that they wouldn't mind just doing a casual, thrown together set on an off night, to keep their chops up...well I specialize in casual and thrown together, so I took them up on it. And I'm glad I did.

Thank you Collin, Kevin, Mark and Brian. I love you, man!

Tonight, Bar Series...we're back at Universal Grille, with live music and a kitchen that closes at midnight. So come on out and Fringe with us! We miss you.


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