Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 6... Ouch

Right smack dab in the middle of the festival is when it hits you, usually at the end of Day Five when the Bar Series feels like as much work as the festival. Day Six is the Day of Fatigue. This is where all motor and communication skills seem to fail you. The first Monday when you and the rest of the world go back to your day jobs and attempt to pick up where you dropped off. It doesn't happen. You've made lists of things you've forgotten that you know you're not going to get through but you try anyway. Ahh, but the night time is coming and you've got an entirely new component of Fringe waiting for you on the big screen (medium to small screen, really). Fatigue gives way to excitement wondering what new faces you'll see and what new challenges are waiting for you. Who saw what review? Who hooked up last night at the bar series? Who got pissed because their tech was cut short? It all starts the big machine rolling again and just like that, the Day of Fatigue becomes the Day We All Made It and life on the Fringe turns golden again. Roll that film...


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