Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day . . . 8?

In the swirly haze of Fringe, I am starting to lose track of what day we are on. But I'm pretty sure it's 8. And though we are well past the half-way mark now as far as days go, as of this morning we are nearly exactly at the half-way mark for shows. By my count, there are 65 left to go. That's a lot of Fringe to fit into the four remaining days!

Monday night was the calm before the storm, where I sat in the office the entire night, and my radio never once went off. Last night, the storm hit full force, as it was our biggest night of the festival yet with both dance and the solo venues running on the same night for the first time. Throw into the mix a little Celluloid Fringe, and it was one hell of a night. I tried to be in four places all at once - and though I feel I succeeded - I nearly got run down by a car because of it! Tonight, and really every day for the rest of the festival now, promises to bring more of the same (although Celluloid is now closed).

In all the craziness, I did manage to catch the late night show - The Catholic Girl's Guide to Losing Your Virginity. It played to yet another sold-out crowd, with a long waiting list at the door. The show before it was running a little long, and the crowd started to get restless as they had to wait longer and longer for the house to open - but what a great high it was to see all those people anxiously and eagerly waiting in the lobby, talking, laughing, jostling, crowded in close on one another. Wouldn't it be great if every show had a crowd like that? It creates a dynamic energy between the actors and audience that nearly guaruntees a great performance and a standing ovation - which of course this one rightly received. So, do yourselves and us a favor - go see more shows. Take a chance on one that you haven't been hearing buzz about, because maybe it's just getting overlooked, and would blossom under that kind crowd as well.

And like I said - there's plenty more shows to go before the final curtain falls.


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