Monday, June 12, 2006

feedback on Fringe

Dear Staff,
As a volunteer I was pleased that any staff member that I encountered was appreciative and thoughtful.
For your next Fringe, I suggest that you have at least a 1/2 page in your flyer for a Primer on participating in a Fringe.  What does a totally "unfringed" participant need to know that she leaves happy and wants to come back for more?  For starters:
1.  limited seating(next year, please consider listing number of seats per venue)
2.  there is a possibility that there will be no chairs at a performance
3.  most of the Fringe staff are volunteering their time, energy, and mental sanity :-)
For my time and money, this year's Fringe quality was not as high as last year's.  Being on the Fringe does not imply less quality.  For me it is art that I would not see on a main stage because of its content--not because it is not good enough to be on a main stage.
I do not understand your insistence on having performances in smokey bars.  I believe that you lose more than you gain doing that.  But, it is your choice.
thanks for listening.


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