Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's 3:30 a.m. and we working drones (me, Embrya) just closed down Mr. Pitiful's, site of the 4th night of bar series. Thanks to everyone who came out. Even though I was cocktailing, or maybe because I was watching while I circulated, it really felt like some weird kind of family. Our Fringe family, fleeting by necessity and maybe all the closer for it. I could just be sappy because I'm tired (no, I didn't drink every order I screwed up). It's especially amazing to see returning artists like Dan Bernitt, Les Kurkendaal, Amy Salloway, Matt Slaybaugh and Dave Wallingford, to name just a few, and realize that though this only happens for 11 days a year -- or maybe because it happens for only 11 days a year -- gathering together a year later for a reprise and re-up is all the more special. Maybe we like Fringe because it becomes such an effective, illustrative microcosm of life, as the whole quickly grows greater than the sum total of its parts.

Or maybe it's time for bed. See you on Day Four. Or later today, Day Four. Those of you who haven't made it out to shows and the bar series -- join us! -- Stephanie


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