Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not in Oz Anymore...

The past week has been envigorating - the three shows I've been able to see (The Absurdity of Writing Theatre, String Theatre and Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface) have all been fantastic, and well worth the time (Matt Slaybough's rapping is especially awesome - where did that come from??).  I met a fellow SMU alum, Teresa Willis, and am looking forward to seeing her show (Eenie Meanie) tonight. 
Whenever I've asked someone which shows they've enjoyed thus far, the answer is always enthusiastic and extensive.  I've heard wonderful things about (UN)Natural Disaster and hope I'll be able to catch it tomorrow.
The audiences have been great - more than last year?  Think so.  The shows are strong, and there are so many.  Staff is excellent - Claire is a fantastic woman-of-all-work, running the show, keeping my rear in gear, making up light cues, and generally ensuring everything goes smoothly.  Not to mention the legions of volunteers and CineX folk.
I'd heard there were problems at Kaldis with sound, but the last few nights seemed to go smoothly - and while the space is cramped and can make acoustics difficult, I do love the performances between miles of books!
I'm up for my second-to-last performance at InkTank tonight (8:15) - the space is lovely, and I'm very thankful it's been a cooler summer so far!  And wondering why I chose such a warm costume...?
ALSO - make sure to catch Paige's dance show at InkTank, 7:45.  Fantastic work!
Jen Spillane


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