Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Personal Thank You

To the artists, staff, volunteers, and audience,

I want to say thank you. As I sit in the offices of the Fringe at Know Theatre, with barely a moment to reflect, I am amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you, for making this year bigger and better than those that have come before.

To the artists, I want to recognize the enormous talent, dedication, and quality that you have brought to Cincinnati. You are responsible for making this Festival and Cincinnati, truly a home for new and exciting work.

To the Staff, obviously, nothing would be without each of you. No one screamed, no one cried, and no one threw any chairs (Gabe!). I love you all, this festival is born each year on your sweat and blood, and all the late nights and early days.

To the Volunteers, you are the life blood of this festival. Eric, Brian, and all the rest (100 +). We the community of the Fringe thank you.

And you the Audience, you came out, you came again, you fringe-d. You enthusiasm is what keeps us going "when the lights fade". Thank you...

I was sitting at the bar the other night, with all of you around, drifting into my own world, thinking of the past 3 and half years since we first a this crazy idea one late and blurry night at Milton's. Thinking about all that we have achieved together, and a quiet smile creeped across my face.

I am so happy, and so proud of all of you. To my artists, there may be "picks", but it takes each and everyone of you to create the Cincinnati Fringe. And it is because of all of you and your amazing work that this year has been such a huge success.

So here is to all or you, to the Fringe. I thank you.

Jason Bruffy
Founder and Producing Director
Cincinnati Fringe Festival


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