Friday, June 09, 2006

Running... Home With A Smile!

Tonight was the final performance of, "Running My Ass Off, and
Getting Nowhere!" and as the treadmill came to its final stop I
realized what a fantastic RUN this year's festival has been. There
were so many amazing shows to see and even more amazing people to
meet. Our company started the festival out by trying to get into
"Catholic Girl's Guide..." but were turned away due to the sellout
crowd. We ended up falling into Matt Slaybaugh's "Absurdity of
Writing Poetry" and it set such a powerful tone for all of us. We
took in many shows along the way and finally did get to see the
Catholic girl lose her virginity. Due to previous commitments, most
of us will be heading out in the morning and may not get a chance to
say goodbye in person... but here's a great big cyber-ADIOS to all of
you... thanks for sharing your art with us, and thanks to the Fringe
for bringing us all together!

~Stacey Morrison
Odds & Ends Productions


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