Saturday, June 03, 2006

Welcome to day 3

It's day three and one of my favorites. It's the day when fatigue and the overwhelming onslaught of unexpected problems hit us. It's also the day of laughter. True giddiness sets in and trumps snarkiness and frustration. The third day is when we're reminded why we do this thing that pays no money, takes us away from our work, friends and family for a month and pretty much ruins our livers. It's all about the people. Everyone from the army of volunteers (both veterans and newbie’s walking in and wondering what they stepped into) to the staff (slap happy and funny as hell as the last remaining filters of decency slip away) to the audiences (who this year are in bigger and stronger numbers than the last two years). It's about creating something new. Not only new art, but new community. The fringe is great and worth every sacrifice we make to pull it out of our asses, but for me, the true payoff is seeing those hordes of people walking the streets of Over-the-Rhine and downtown. Overhearing the random conversation about the show that sucked or changed their lives for the night. Laughing with the homeless artist hanging outside of a venue about all the new faces he sees in his neighborhood. Talking to the young man who was afraid of coming to the homeless artist's neighborhood and wondering why he waited so long to discover this magical place. This all happens on day three. The day of laughing. Definitely one of my favorites. Hope it was yours too.


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