Thursday, June 08, 2006

What a Disaster!

After my performance tonight (Remember Who Made You) I was contemplating if I should see another show before starting my trek back to Indianapolis.  (UN)Natural Disaster looked interesting but I wouldn't be able to get on the road until 10:00 if I saw it.  My curiosity and love of risk taking theatre got the best of me and I saw it.  Boy am I glad! 

When I walked into the space I knew that it had potential.  When the actors walked into the space I knew that I would enjoy the next hour.  The focus with which the cast enters the room is almost palpable.  Not once during the entire piece was that focus lost. If you like evocative, engaging theatre go see this show.  Oh, and take a water bottle. It gets a little warm.

On another note...EVERYONE that I have encountered (staff, volunteers, technicians, etc.) have made this a fantastic experience thus far.  Bob over at Mr. Pitiful's couldn't be nicer.  I suggest going over and buying a drink and chattin' with him for a while.

Ok Fringers, that's it for now. See you Friday.
-Jeffrey Barnes

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