Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yo Fringe!

Hooray for the Fringe blog! Thanks Steph.

Does it say something bad about me that I'm emailing the Fringe blog right now instead of going over to Pitifuls to actually commune with my fellow artists? Hmmm ... I better get off my ass and head over there.

I just wanted to take a moment and say how happy I am to be back in the Nati and surrounded by good people again. And, to pimp a couple of shows.

1) I saw "Midsummer" this afternoon and it was damn good. I am very picky about Shakespeare (as most of us are) and Le Petomane do a great job with the text. They really know what they're doing. And it looks like their show is usually in the afternoon, so it shoudn't be too hard to do yourself a favor and head over to the CAC for that one.

2) Everybody loves Dan Bernitt by now, right? Well, I admit I didn't see his show last year and now I really regret it. His solo show this year, "Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface!" is honest, brave, poetic, and ... educational. So, let this post be just one more good reason to go over to Kaldis. See his show, eat a quesadilla while you do it. You'll be glad you did.

And now, I'll pimp our show, "The Absurdity of Writing Poetry." We've been keeping a blog of the development process, with lots of video and pictures and stuff. It's at

Okay, let's get crazy.



Blogger Sing Dammit said...

Knowing Matty Slaybaugh, I was already a proud momma when he took the stage...and when he ripped into one of my favorite Steve Colman poems, I felt my heart jump. And by the middle of the show, I felt like I was on the stage, Exhibit A for Absurd. Not writing. Scared. Procrastinating.

I almost liked this show performed on the tiny platform, with the lights blocking some views and the height of the stage, the depth of the room making us lose all sight lines when Matt was lying down. It's Kaldi's, lined with books on old, wooden shelves...noise notwithstanding, this was the perfect venue for this show. It forced me to listen, to engage, to actively fight to get the message. And in the battle, the reward was made much more fulfilling. I came away having been not just entertained, but enlightened, and more importantly, fired up. Ready to write.

If you are a writer, an artist, a performer, "Absurdity" is a must-see. If you think you might wanna be an artist, but you aren't _____ enough, "Absurdity" is a requirement. As soon as the show was over I told Matt I needed the script. Being the amazing human being he is, he turned it into PDF for all of us to have.

Go see the show. You won't be sorry.

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